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Методическая пятница 10 марта в РЕЛОД Северо-Запад

The speaker will share her experience in participating in the joint project of Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (Norway) and Herzen State Pedagogical University (Saint Petersburg, Russia). The main result of the project is a blended course “Intercultural Communication in Educational Settings” designed and offered by an international team of teachers to a group of Russian, Finnish and Norwegian master students in 2015-2017. The course is based on combining telecollaboration with academic mobility. The speaker will comment on some Academic English and cross-cultural communication issues and teaching practices which have been found productive, enriching (and sometimes eye-opening) for all sides.

Лектор: Юлия Владимировна Сергаева

Место проведения: РЕЛОД Северо-Запад ,Новочеркасский пр .д.12 ,к.1

Время проведения: 16:00-17:00

Бесплатное мероприятие

Associated Professor at the English Philology Department

Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia (or Herzen University)

SPELTA Vice-President


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+7 812 309-06-53

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или по e-mail: rusanova@spb.relod.ru

Светлана Русанова

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