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Методическая встреча 12мая в РЕЛОД Северо-Запад

The central topic of the seminar will be strategies for using the course book as a starting point whence to launch students into progressively more complex discussion and activity. We will see how to use the exercises in the book to give students new tools and skills, then offer structured room wherein they can speak and think freely, try out new pieces in live practice, and incorporate them into their speech patterns. Using this will allows teachers to make the most of the course book material, check students’ ability to generate learned language patterns spontaneously, and offer all students an appropriate level of challenge.

Лектор:Isaac Webb

Isaac Webb received a BA in English with a concentration in creative writing from Azusa Pacific University, in California, in 2013. He has lived in Saint Petersburg since then, where he has worked at foreign language centers and a university, teaching kids, teens, and adults at all level

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